Working with Us

The goal of the Fenwick Design team is to create balanced interiors that are equal parts form and function. Through a collaborative professional relationship built on trust and communication our skillful design and your personal style come together to realize your vision.

Concept Design Development

The interior design concept is the underlying logic, thinking, and reasoning for how the design will work. It will lead to choices in color, texture and space. Every design decision we make will fall back on the conceptual design. It becomes the framework for all of our design decisions. You have an integral role in this phase. Your wants, needs and desires – Your style, experience and functional requirements all come into play. We will explore and gather inspiration This initial creativity to design a truly unique and spectacular space.

Space Planning

When planning your space we analyze the way people will move through the environment to perform their daily tasks. We look at the natural flow of movement and facilitate the functions that take place within the building. We consider the rooms shape and limitations. Commercially, we create questionaries’ that allow us to further explore the best solution for the people who are working in the space, enhancing their daily work experience. Our interior design team will work closely with other architectural and construction teams to produce your ideal interior surroundings. We work with you at every stage and consult with you on samples of furniture, lighting, finishes, fabrics, colours, and accessories. Our inclusive approach means that we consider your needs throughout the process.

Material and Finish Selection

The selection of materials and finishes is a complex process of continual questions that we ask to ensure that the product will do what we expect of it. This process of accessing the products performance capabilities is done in combination with using your vision and style. We take into consideration budgetary issues, durability, safety, comfort and aesthetics.

Construction and Specification Documents

Our team can provide detailed drawings and material specifications necessary to execute your project including CAD drawings, renderings, elevations, lighting layouts and spec sheets.

Furnishing and Staging

Furnishing and staging is the icing on the proverbial cake! Fenwick Interior Designers attend many seminars and upgrade their knowledge base to stay current and fresh. We can assist with the selection and placement of furniture, artwork, lighting, plant life, window coverings and accessories to compliment your finished space and reflect your personal style.

Interior Design Services – Project Management

We manage projects professionally. We are there as the advocate for the client with, suppliers, contractors and trades. When we work with contractors and trades, we are collaborative: our philosophy is that it gives us more perspectives and that allows for a stronger design. Let us take on the entire management of your interior design project. We will prepare a budget, oversee trades, source and supply all materials and coordinate project time lines that work for you.