Winnipeg Bathroom Renovation:
The Tale of Two Baths

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by Lynn Fenwick B.I.D.

The previous article was about the spa ensuite we completed for our clients, David and Jill, who renovated two bathrooms in their home. The main bath was next!

David and Jill enlisted Fenwick and Company to design a rugged but blissful spa experience into this standard bathroom. The prerequisite for this bathroom was that it was to contain a steam shower. David gave Jill the reins for the renovation as long as this term was met.

During our brainstorm session, Jill pointed out the amount of light that was restricted by the enclosure of the existing tub. I was not a fan of the toilet being so visible from the door. I noticed the antique window on the wall and made the suggestion to Jill that if she could find another one with the right dimensions, it would incorporate her love of antiques, not cut off too much light from the window and make a great feature. It was no small task to find it, but on a trip to Minneapolis, the window found her!

Winnipeg Bathroom Renovation

Jill had always seen this bathroom as more rustic and masculine, but sophisticated. We started with the floor tile. It needed to fit in with the house, but create a more casual feel. We decided to do a larger marble hexagon tile on the floor and carry it into the shower and up the niche wall. This gave continuity to the floor and added visual space. We used the larger tiles for the walls of the shower.

The project was not without its tribulations. The cabinets were from an inspirational photo Jill had fallen in love with. It was to look like small drawers, but function as regular sized drawers. The wood was to be "antiqued." The contractor got to this portion of the job and came to both of us and said, "what kind of antiquing do you want." We said, "like the photo." I thought it was clear. Apparently, it was not ... there were a lot of samples created for that "antiqued" vanity and tall chest. Fortunately, we had a great contractor and a very patient one.

The door also presented a challenge. The bathroom was completely visible from the front door of the house as you walked in. It also took up a lot of visual space in the bathroom. When we removed the closet, the door would have swung into the shower and obscured most of it. The decision was made to make it a barn door. But why make it just a regular door — make it a feature! The detail in the door blends with the other doors, but creates more interest from the front door and, enhanced by the antique knob and back plate, resembles an antique as well.

The style and finish on the faucets, lights and unique pulls strengthen the overall character of the space.

This bathroom design project achieved everything the client was imagining for this bathroom. It is a sleek and contemporary take on traditional. The space is warm, inviting and welcoming. What a great way to start and end your day!

This project demonstrates how working closely with your designer can help you achieve the bathroom of your dreams. Share your dreams, your inspiration and Fenwick and Company will use our design expertise to create that vision, ensuring your bathroom all about you!

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