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by Lynn Fenwick B.I.D.

Summer is finally here! It is lively and invigorating, exuding an energy all its own. Whether it’s the bright sunshine, or the fresh air, it awakens a sense of rejuvenation. Summer is our season for escaping the real world and if you are unable to get away to the lake for a weekend at the cottage, you could turn your home into your very own summer vacation retreat!


Where to start? Walls
Paint and wallpaper are great ways to transform your home without hurting the budget.

  • Wanting a more minimalist styled sanctuary to retreat to after a long day? If you have warm brown furniture and natural woods in your home, bright white paints are a great way to let the sun in and leave your space feeling bright and open. The lightness of the white and neutral tones of wood gives a sense of serenity, turning your home in to a vacation villa!
Summer Interior Design Winnipeg

  • Is your furniature fairly light and neutral? Vibrant coloured accent walls help to liven up the space. Blues and yellows give the sense that you’re relaxing under the sun and enjoying the breeze from the lake in your very own home!
  • Don't be afraid of pattern. Your bathroom is a great place to incorporate a fun wallpaper, as the space has minimal furniture to have to match with. Using floral and leafy patterned wallpaper is a great way to bring in the freshness of summer.

Refresh your accessories

  • It's time to put away those warm and cozy throw pillows and replace them with something fun and textured! Tufted, patterned or vibrant coloured throw pillows help to give the space little hints of a fun bohemian summery look.
  • Summer is all about the florals, try incorporating them in pictures, vases and fabrics.
  • Go light and breezy! The easiest way to do this is with your curtains and throw blankets. Selecting pieces made of lighter material, like linen, for your throw blankets so that they provide the warmth you need while still looking casual draped over your couch without being too heavy. For curtains, fabrics like linen, sheer silk, or something similar help to achieve that light and breezy feel in your home. You can never go wrong with sheer curtains. They allow your room to feel light and airy, even on the hottest of days!

Winnipeg Interior Design Patterns

Bring the outside in
Summer living is all about being outdoors and enjoying the fresh air and hot sun. When the sun goes down, we can still enjoy the feeling of having a drink out on the patio but take it inside.

  • Opt for natural wood! Using outdoor style furniature such as rattan, cane, or wicker is a great way to make any space feel bohemian and summery. The light hues of the natural wood bring elegance and airiness to the space as opposed to the heaviness of deeper woods. Wicker furniture will bring that summer garden feel to your home.
  • Bring in the natural elements! Incorporating plants and succulents into your décor can really bring life into your space. Greenery is a big part of summer décor. Placing a nice potted succulent or even hanging a leafy plant helps to bring that sense of freshness of a summer day indoors. Can’t keep up with the maintenance of the real thing? No problem! With faux plants looking more real by the day, they make for an easy addition to any space.

Hot Tip:  Don't get too caught up in making everything match. If pieces mix together rather than match, a room may feel more interesting. This gives a casual elegance to the space.

Hot Trend:  Put away excess decorative pieces and replace sparingly with natural materials. This will allow your space to feel open and airy!

It's important to remember that summer look doesn’t have to be expensive. Even a few seasonal changes will give you a new lease on life. If you plan to go all out for a summer fling, it might be just what you need to revive your spirit.

Matching Interior Design Winnipeg

Whatever summer fling you decide to pursue, always remember that your home should be a reflection of you! Allow yourself to have fun, let your summer home be an eclectic space of the things you love, whatever they may be, so when they're grouped together, they create a relaxed and comfortable environment. Use your summer space as a place where you allow yourself to relax, rejuvenate, and reconnect with yourself and the ones you love.

Have a great summer!

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