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Just wanted to say how much of a pleasure it was working with you both. I don't know how I could have done it without you two! You were definitely the best part of the whole process, from design, to smoothing over any of the problems that arose during the build, to the final furnishings. I can't tell you how many trades, friends, and visitors, have complimented on the unique and beautiful design of the home, given the space (and I always note to tell them Fenwick designs, Lynn and Alex are largely responsible). I am truly enjoying my home.


      — Sid

We were planning on embarking on a large renovation of our bungalow and contacted Lynn Fenwick after seeing two other designers. We felt she listened to what was important to us in our home and introduced new ideas that seemed to fit with our "vision" of what our home could end up being. We have not planned on taking down walls or changing windows or doors and after meeting with Lynn, she showed us how much more we could do with our home without making us feel that we absolutely had to incorporate all of her ideas. She gave us some options and told us to take our time and think about what she had suggested. She was extremely helpful in every aspect of our project including meeting with our contractor and cabinet builder to discuss the demolition and construction of the space. She was instrumental in picking our finishings and helping us imagine how it was going to look when it was completed. We are extremely happy with our "new" home and can't believe how everything is more beautiful than we could imagine. I would highly recommend Lynn to anyone thinking of renovating their home, she is absolutely fabulous!!

Thank you again Lynn, we love our new house, we just have to get it finished!!


      — Paula and David

It was a pleasure working with Lynn Fenwick and the whole team at Fenwick & Co Interior Design. We were undergoing a complete home renovation, and Lynn was very attentive and really understood what would work with our space, lifestyle, and budget. The design process was a pleasure, as Lynn was always available and happy to assist with whatever she could. Fenwick Interior design completely transformed our 1970's home into a contemporary masterpiece, whose design is as beautiful as it is functional. We could not be happier.

      — Carrie Hasinoff

I first used Lynn Fenwick to help me with furniture and design decisions almost thirty years ago. She has helped me choose fabric to recover a beloved sectional sofa, and then to cover the replacement couch and loveseat when the original sectional was finally retired.

Lynn helped me with the design and multitude of choices for materials and furniture placement, paint, light fixtures, flooring — all of it, when we built our new home in 1996. In just one example, she saved me hours and hours of time helping me choose the flooring for our house - 3 carpet choices, 3 different vinyl floorings, ceramic tiles, and hardwood that all worked together colour wise. She gathered together samples in our colours, in three different price points, and helped me choose by telling me the good and bad points about each choice. This would have taken me forever, and I would have obsessed forever, wondering if I was making the right choices, where she just knows how it will look when it's done.

Lynn allows me to be me, which I love. She understands what I am comfortable with, what my favorite colours are, and that I want things to actually work, not just look good. At the same time, she challenges me with new options, and with things that had never even occurred to me. In the new house she asked me where I wanted to look when standing at the kitchen island, and when I couldn't decide, we included 2 electrical plugs in the plan, one on each side, and I love that I have that option now. I can plug in the mix master while facing the oven, or the frying pan while facing the cook top and sink. She asked me the height I wanted the chandelier in the front hall to hang, gave me 2 options, and the rationale for each, and the decision was then easy to make. Lynn's experience is vast, and she knows how things will turn out in the end, which I cannot always picture.

We just completed a bathroom renovation at the lake, and Lynn was involved from start to finish, using just photographs and my own measures to help us plan it out. I got discouraged at one point trying to find a bath tub that would fit, and she took the time to search for one that suited our space and needs perfectly. She challenged us to increase the size of the mirror and hang the light fixture through the mirror. She said it would look awesome, and it absolutely does. In choosing paint colours we looked through all the samples at least three times for "beiges" that did not look peachy. She didn't give up until we had made the right choice. We also used Lynn to help us with a pantry/mud room installation at the cottage. She understood the need to keep costs down, as it's "just a cottage", and helped us source a reasonably priced supplier for the cupboards, which she had planned and designed, based on our storage needs, and a few pictures I had cut out of magazines with ideas that I liked. She challenged me on the arrangement of the shelves, as I had originally gone in with one idea, but she showed us plans a few different ways, and recommended that we stack the shelves for the cooler, laundry basket, recycling, and a Rubbermaid container that makes the round trip each week to the cottage and back. I absolutely love that the space was planned to fit our needs, that everything has a place, and that it looks great, as well as functions great!

In addition to Lynn's talents and insights, what makes it nice to work with her are her pleasant personality, her sense of humour, and her real interest in how the projects turn out, and make us feel. I lucked out when I first met Lynn years ago, buying furniture, and she has helped me many times since with design decisions big and small, in three different homes. I would recommend Lynn Fenwick to anyone- she is professional, pleasant, and very knowledgeable. She makes it easier to make decisions because she has seen this colour, or this pattern, or this design before, and she just knows how it will turn out. She can see the big picture. For me, it has helped to calm my nerves, and know that I am making the right choices; ones that will look great and be easy to live with. As for cost, Lynn's experience does not come cheap, but what I have spent on her design fees has definitely saved me from some expensive re-dos, when I may have made the wrong choice if left to my own devices!

      — Mur Southerland

I would like to thank your for all your assistance with my recent renovation. Your design expertise from concept to completion is greatly appreciated I am very happy with my new basement (renovations) and enjoying all the details in design that you suggested. Thank you!

      — Grant Hitch

I would like to thank you for all your work, attention to detail and assistance during the past year. I so appreciate your guiding me through the renovation process and not giving up on me when I felt I could not make one more decision!

I love the way everything turned out and feel very comfortable in my home. Thanks again.

      — Barb McLeod

We are so pleased with how the renovations that are now done and we look forward to exciting progress in the new year. This whole project has been a wonderful experience and you have played a large part in making it so.

      — John and Mary Jane Holtman

Thank you so much for making our time with you such a joy! You were so helpful in guiding us in the choices for our future condo. When we got home we both felt that the choices were exactly what we wanted. You really made it a happy experience for us. Sincerely,

      — Don and Sandy Stelling

What a treat to work it is to work with such a dynamic team. Thank you for all your ongoing support. All my best,

      — Jennifer

Just a note of thanks for al your input and enthusiasm! you were determined to help us achieve our vision of "that look" and we couldn't be happier with the final result. To you and your team of professionals our thanks for a job well done! When the rugs are due to arrive, I will for sure give you a call for tour times.

      — Kathryn Thiesen

Lynn, Thanks for your help with ideas etc. I love it!

      — Shirley McKenzie

I moved into my new house last week and I was very happy with the way all the colours ended up looking together. I wanted to thank you again for helping with all the choices I had to make. Your suggestions and guidance was greatly appreciated. I was a little apprehensive about how things would turn out but it turns out I really had nothing to worry about, so thanks again.

      — Anne Marie Schaeffer

Thank you for making our home, our cottage and most recently our new condo the show pieces we believe they have become.

From the first time we met I just new we would "CLICK"!

Your understanding of what I was looking for - your guidance and explanation of why a certain piece of furniture would not work and explaining color tones in furniture and paint. I have learned so much from my experience with you. You worked within our budget guidlines - worked with some existing pieces of furniture - area rugs and art work.

At this juncture if we ever move again Lynn you will be one of my first calls.

Thank you "Classy Lady" for your design and style!

      — Brian and Debbie

As a Contractor who specializes in Up Scale renovations, I would like to say that I am very pleased to have had the opportunity to work with Lynn Fenwick and her team. Lynn Fenwick Interior Design provides highly creative design solutions for discerning clients. They communicate very clearly both on paper and verbally with the client and contractor. Most importantly they provide answers in a very timely fashion. I look forward to working with Lynn Fenwick Interior Design again in the near future.

      — Grant K. Sakiyama, President, Sakiyama Construction Ltd.

Designing a home is no small task! Years of magazine clippings and show-home visits had inspired lots of ideas but given us little knowledge of how to consolidate and move through the stages of design. Working with Fenwick & Co. has allowed our earliest visions to materialize into a truly custom home that suits our lifestyle and satisfies our desire to marry unique architectural elements, a warm ambience and room-to-room fluidity.

Lynn combines a breadth of experience with exquisite design sense, resourcefulness, and the ability to adapt to various styles. From concept to final touches, we could always count on Lynn to remain "tuned in" to our evolving needs ... whether working with our project manager, construction team, or my husband and I.

      — Leanne Van Amstel

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