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by Lynn Fenwick B.I.D.

At Fenwick & Company Interior Design we love getting the opportunity to design for any and every trend. As a company, we don't have one style that we specialize in. Instead, we love researching the design universe to expand our knowledge of all different design directions. This year we decided that each one of our A&S Show Homes would be distinctly designed around a different theme so each of the 10 houses would identify as unique. One of the most talked about houses was the Modern Farmhouse theme.

The Modern Farmhouse style has become increasingly popular over the past few years. It has dominated design TV shows and is religiously written about in blogs. People can't get enough of this style and we don't blame them – we can't either!

What exactly is the Modern Farmhouse? What elements pertain to this style over others? How can you get that farmhouse feel in your own home? Let's see if we can open the barn door for you!

Modern Farmhouse One

Why is it that this style has become so popular? Could it be that people are longing for an escape from city urbanism, or perhaps it is the growing awareness of the environment and love for everything farm fresh. The Modern Farmhouse style is reminiscent of a simpler day. Reclaimed or natural design architectural features and furniture are widely present throughout this style of house. These more rustic details are often paired with clean elements such as quartz countertops, simple backsplash tile and soft neutral paint colours to create a balance of simple sophistication. Life is brought to the design through plants and herbs displayed in an assortment of decorative vases and pottery.

Gone are the days of stark minimalism, designed exclusively with cool tones. The Modern Farmhouse boasts comfort and coziness. Rustic design elements like reclaimed wood, shiplap, and barn doors are blended seamlessly with classic features like wainscoting, beadboard and crown mouldings. Warm neutrals are back in full swing, but are now being paired with dark charcoals and blacks to bring in that industrial feel. We use all of these elements together to create a perfect low-key combination.

Modern Farmhouse Two

Throughout this style you will see multiple layers of patterns and textures with the use of soft linen throws and fur pillows peeking out of coarse wicker baskets as a main part of the décor (and a perfect solution for storage!). We are also using a lot of layered area carpets. For example a soft patterned carpet thrown across a large jute rug to add another layer of texture. In today's farmhouse style, colours are used more sparsely and are more complementary to the many neutrals that are present. We use soft solid colours like sage green and muted blues layered over top of patterns such as pinstripes, plaids and other textured patterns. Farmhouse style lends itself to patterned wallpaper for feature walls and full room applications as well.

As beautiful as the décor is in the Modern Farmhouse, almost everything has a practical use. The importance of function has surpassed form, but we are now blending the two together to get the best of both. This is seen predominantly in the kitchen and dining areas. We rarely see formal dining table centerpieces. Instead, we are using the most-used items as part of the décor like salt & pepper grinders, wine bottles, and cutlery holders. In the kitchen, we often see wooden chopping boards, storage jars and spice racks as utilitarian décor pieces.

Modern Farmhouse Three

Along with all of the warm and natural woods, there is a strong industrial look presented within this style. Industrial door hardware, lighting, and plumbing fixtures are often peppered throughout the design. The hard dark metal of these features contrasts the warm neutrals and simple clean elements that are spread throughout the rest of the design to create that perfect rustic charm. The idea of farmhouse style, with its rustic charm, is not the literal farmhouse style of years gone by, but it has developed into a style that functions within our open-concept + 2020 lifestyles. This style lends itself to renovations that may only require a few changes to an existing space. Book a Fenwick & Company Interior Design consultation in your home. We would love to help you create your own personal Farmhouse!

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