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by Lynn Fenwick B.I.D.

Where imagination becomes reality

The Renovation of Sid and Nancy's Main floor was featured in our last article. The renovation was extensive and the whole reconstruction story could not possibly be told in one article. With that being said, we will continue the design story for the lower level with walk out to the back yard.

You may recall that Sid and Nancy have very different design styles. Individual styles is something that we run into often when renovating couples homes. It is important that both clients' needs are met, so communication plays a large factor on the success of the end result. How do you get two styles to blend so that each person can say "it is exactly how I imagined it would look"?

It is a directive that I have used repeatedly. Each person should create a list of "must haves." Subsequently, they both should create a list of "would likes." It is important to list the "do not renovate" areas that already work for both of the clients. The most critical step is to then compare lists and agree on them. This sounds easier than it actually is, but at some point coming to an agreement is the only way to move forward!

The lower level had already been designed by Fenwick and Company several years prior. The bathroom, bar and main living area functioned suitably for the couple, so the focus ensued on a few key areas.

The Music Room

Sid is a hobbyist musician and he and his bandmates play gigs around Winnipeg, and needed a place to practice. It was necessary to make this room sound proof- for Nancy and their neighbors! It is actually a room within a room, complete with its own air conditioning system and ductwork. The whole room is self-contained. Just a note of interest: Pot lights could not be used because they would break into the ceiling barrier- hence the need for wall sconces and indirect lighting.

Besides needing a quiet sound deadening space where he can indulge in his musical talent, Sid had a very distinct vision for his music room. He wanted a distinctly foreign design compared to the rest of the home. When I say foreign, I mean, he was looking for a cross between a vintage flat in Paris and a Gothic themed bar. The flooring is hand scraped with a gently patina'd 7" wide oak plank. The walls are a wallpaper that is reminiscent of another time. Woodwork and mouldings are custom designed with a distressed finish using three different stains, and torchieres are detailed into full length bronzed mirror frames bookended by velvet curtains to complete the look.

The "Office"

Nancy needed the lower level to be a place for contemplation and to give her a chance to work in a relaxed and use her computer while enjoying the great view to the back yard. She wanted to be in the same vicinity as Sid, but not necessarily be submitted to the music from all that band practice!

The small addition to the back of the house allowed for the secluded area that Nancy was looking for. The room contains two large chairs that are made for curling up on, flanking a ribbon fireplace on a wall of window that looks onto the back yard. The glass wall to the rest of the open area, slides closed when Nancy is looking for a little more peace and quiet, but opens up when they are entertaining. To complete the homogeneous addition, the original flooring detail from the initial design was extended through this new area. To create the unique flooring, plywood was lacquered and aluminum reveals were place between the 4' x 4' plywood tiles. The original ceiling detail was continued as well. The look was achieved by covering the ceiling with polycarbonate 4'x4' sheets placed on a "T" bar rail system. The wall of cabinets carry the colour and detail used throughout the space and elegantly contain the couples paperwork and printer.

They both wanted an area to enjoy with friends and family. The main area received a new linear fireplace with black glass mosaic surround and new lights over the pool table. The lights were designed by Tom Dixon, and arranged using different fixture styles, metal finishes and sizes.

The lower level was developed around two individuals that when their design styles were combined, created an evocative mixture of line, textures and materials as unique as they are luxurious yet in a minimalistic space that is still comfortable and inviting. It is a space where they can express themselves and luxuriate in. It is a space that is exactly how they imagined it!

That is what Fenwick & Company Interior Design is all about ... bringing your style into reality.

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