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by Lynn Fenwick B.I.D.

We had the privilege of designing the Design Boutique for A&S Homes. It is an incredible space that highlights the diversity of this builder. We developed the Design Boutique for A&S clients to be able to see all the choices they have available to them.

The design and selections Fenwick & Company made are defined by our market in Winnipeg, but heavily influenced by what trends we see developing over the next few years.

We thought we would give you some insight into the thought process behind our designs.

According to the latest research, total white kitchens are still very popular, but it looks like we designers are getting tired of white and moving towards stronger colors.

My colleagues and I are not afraid to experiment with moody or dramatic darkness in the kitchen area, especially when paired up with organic materials. Embrace the darker color palette, instead of a black accent use it for your entire kitchen, or for a slightly softer look use a rich coffee black, woods, shades of grey, taupe or biscuit beige, and you will have trendy, warm and welcoming kitchen ambiance. Natural wood tones, slate and concrete harmonize well with the darker tones.

Kitchen Design 2020 photo

A popular option continuing for the next year will be the two-toned kitchen, where the kitchen is designed around two main colors/finishes. These can either be incorporated as shown by pairing a very tactile finish, such as wood in contrast to the warm grey cabinets or using one colour/finish for the upper cabinets, one for the lower ones. Another option is, one finish for the low cabinets, a different one for the floor-to-ceiling ones.

A white kitchen, when paired with a wood for a two-tone effect is hitting the trend.

We are seeing stronger graining like oak in wood cabinets, along with stains in black, charcoal and other muted colourings. Light woods are also making a comeback, like Maple and Rift Oak are in demand for kitchen fronts.

We are also experiencing a wave of painted cabinets in the dusty tones - and using wood in accents instead of the main material. The finishes tend to be more matte. Black cabinets in matte finish and a handle-free look are at the top of the trend.

The shimmering metallic tones are used in all kitchen elements.

The new metallics for kitchen fronts are popular, but they are also found in handles, fittings, worktop edges and baseboards. The combination options of Metallic are numerous: a mix of gold with black and white transports a kitchen design from elegant to luxurious. The use of bronze and copper together with wood tones look warm and homely. Stainless steel surfaces add a modern look to even a traditional kitchen.

Marble, marble everywhere. Whether it is the real thing or man-made, in white gray or tones the marble look is still very popular. The trend direction of countertop in a stone look includes matte and slightly textured quartz-based counters representational of travertine, slate and concrete. We are seeing a trend to tile countertops. I am not talking about regular sized tiles. The slabs are so large, they can be used in one piece on a good sized island.

Kitchen Design 2020 image

The principle, hide it if you can – is extremely on trend. I am talking about induction cooktops with integrated hoods, hidden dishwashers, microwaves, or built-in ovens at waist height perfectly integrated in walls of storage.

Not just lighting but your oven, can be controlled at the touch of your phone. Motion sense-equipped kitchen faucets, refrigerators that can alert you when your groceries items are running low, leave memos for the family or give you reminders on your appointments! Today, you can have a kitchen with technology integrated into every function and appliance!

The interesting fact about the trends of today is that they don’t just apply to new construction. They relate very easily to renovation. You may not have to take out the cabinets in the kitchen if they can be stained or painted in a more current colour. Add a new countertop and hardware and Voila! A small change can take a house from dated to trending! Sometimes you just want a whole new look and having a bit of insight into what an interior designer sees for the future in kitchen design helps with making those tough decisions.

Whatever your style, whatever your design needs, we are here to help!

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