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by Lynn Fenwick B.I.D.

If you imagined your dream home, how would that look? When asked this question most people jump to the far end of the spectrum and first imagine those high end luxury features like gold toilets and marble walls. Okay – maybe you’re not thinking quite that extreme, but most people envision those beautiful details that are featured in multi-million dollar show homes that are (just slightly) out of the standard price range. But take a step back and think if you were to renovate. What would you want and need? Each client comes with their unique set of desires, but there are also many common requests that we see time and again. We like to sort these into three categories – the essentials, the aesthetic upgrades, and the luxury features. We took to social media to see what responses we would get when asking this question and we received a wide variety of answers.

The Essentials

Less is More
This design era is focused around “less is more” or at least the appearance of such! One of our top responses was to add as much storage as possible to hide all the “stuff” that we have. We all want that clean, fresh, large feeling space to call our home.

Interior Design Essentials

Open up the space!
Open concept is one of the most sought after essential. No one wants to feel segregated in their homes and we all want to optimize our time with our family and friends. We want that sense of togetherness and have a constant FOMO (fear of missing out). It’s now customary to constantly multi-task, whether that be socializing while cooking for your dinner guests or washing dishes while helping your children study. The open concept also helps tremendously when it comes to the flow and hubs of the house.

Functional Kitchen
Generally speaking the most common gathering area is the kitchen. We repeatedly receive requests for a more functional kitchen which frequently includes a large island with seating. This is usually the gathering spot for guests and the casual eating area/homework space for day-to-day use.

Zero Wasted Space
New houses are getting smaller so it’s imperative to minimize wasted space in your home. We creatively think of a house as a machine –focusing on the function and layout of the design so it is efficient for your particular needs.

Home Upgrade Renovation

Large Walk-In Closets
In that desire for a clutter free space, many people want larger walk-in closets. The walk-in provides a hidden unified space that keeps clutter out of the sleeping area.

Office Space
With more people having work from home careers, a common request is to create a separate office space segregated from the rest of the home.

The Aesthetic Upgrades

Entry Storage
With the reoccurring focus of additional storage, many people love the built-in bench/cubby idea for each family member to have their own individual spot for shoes, jackets, backpacks, etc.

The Entertainment Unit
People commonly focus on the entertainment unit area for renovation. As one of the main focal points in the home, we receive numerous design requests for an entertainment unit that will house a larger TV and a new beautiful ribbon fireplace. This area is also commonly treated with higher end finishes to enhance a luxurious look.

Whole Home Style Update
At this level of renovation, people often request for a whole home style update. This usually entails removing walls to open up the space, new cabinetry and plumbing and lighting fixtures, switching out paint colours, and the addition of new furniture.

Luxury Home Upgrade

Gourmet Kitchen
A considerable amount of the budget is usually spent on the kitchen. With this being the most used room in the house, people want that gourmet feeling in their kitchen. High on the request list are waterfall edge islands, cabinets with more drawers for convenient storage, high end finishes, and high end appliances with warming drawers being of special note. We receive many requests for bar additions including separate storage for glasses, separate wine fridge, and additional bar sink. Generally speaking, a kitchen renovation is the most costly renovation per square foot, but it is also one of the best for resale – who wouldn’t want a luxury kitchen?!

Spa Ensuite
Many people love the idea of a luxury spa ensuite. Large soaker tubs or stand-alone tubs surrounded with high end finishes are very popular. And we can’t forget about double vanities! If the space is available, we almost always extend the vanity as much as possible to add more storage and get that extra sink in there as well!

The Luxury Features

Smart Technology
With technology taking such a high precedent in our lives, it’s not hard to believe that most people would love add smart technology into their homes. Some of these features include integrated sound systems, wireless controlling and connection to hand held devices for ease of use. People love the thought of having the ability to manage their house remotely while they’re away mainly for security purposes, but also for temperature and daylight control.

Luxury Exteriors
Although we are interior designers, we often get requests for more lavish outdoor spaces. Whether it be at a nicely designed fire pit area or an extravagant outdoor kitchen, people want to be spending more time outdoors when possible. Given that Winnipeg has an unfortunately short summer season, people want to be able to take advantage of it.

Home Interior Design

The Man Cave
Let’s face it – all a man wants is his own personal man cave to escape to and house all of his toys. We get this request frequently if the space permits and is always a fun space to plan out!

Upgraded Garage Space
Many people don’t only want more garage space for housing their cars, they often want storage for seasonally used items as well. The garage is also a common place to add a work station for tool usage to keep the mess out of the house. We have even done an entertainment area in the garage, for the car buff’s to relax and enjoy!

The Home Theatre
The home theatre is a popular addition. With a large projector screen and reclining seats, what could be better than having your own personal movie theatre in the comfort of your own home?!

Whatever renovation you are imagining, we love knowing the wants and needs of our clients. We always treat each client individually and love adding unique touches to even the simplest renovations to make it your personal haven.

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