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by Lynn Fenwick B.I.D.

Every interior designer has their own way of designing and a personal trademark that make their design more exclusive to them. At Fenwick & Company our trademark is that we design for you. We invest time to really get to know our clients, their needs, their personal style and their expectations. The aim is to provide a fresh timeless space that resembles what you would design for yourself – if you had an Interior Design degree. With that being said, it isn’t as easy as 1-2-3. There are many principles that we focus on while working to create that fully functional, but personalized lifestyle space.


The most important part of a renovation is to start with a solid foundation. In interior design terms this means the floor plan. We spend the time necessary for spatial planning and determining what would work best for you. We question you on how you use your space so we can properly design an area that is tailored to your every-day life. Many clients insist that whatever we come up with will be great and they will figure out how to live in the space afterwards, but we always push for more. We believe that a renovation should feel like it is enhancing your lifestyle rather than altering it.

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No matter what your design style, clean lines are key to timeless design. Many people think that focusing on clean lines only applies to modern and contemporary design, but we believe clean lines always need to be present. Too much detail leads to chaotic discord in the design. Every detail must be intentional. It is there to enhance the design, not distract from it.


It’s a cliché for a reason – less IS more! Living in a clean, clutter free space not only looks better, but is psychologically freeing. We are not necessarily saying that you need to get rid of everything that doesn’t have a prominent use in your life, but it’s nice to have a spot for everything. One of our most frequent wishes from clients is that they want more storage space – don’t we all?! At Fenwick & Company, we love creating storage that also acts as a design feature. Whether this is a unique cabinet unit or storage area that is hidden away, we put a lot of thought into the organizational placement of your belongings.

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Working with strong colours and patterns is always exciting, but with trends shifting so frequently they are also quite challenging to work with. If you are big on bold, then we are too! It’s really exciting to have a bold colour pattern as the basis of a project, but this also leads to restrictions in the future if you want change. We do believe that colour and pattern are important, but there are many ways we incorporate this into your design without it restricting you in the future. We usually suggest going with neutral colours in the more expensive items like cabinetry, furniture and wallpaper. You can then add colour, pattern and texture with artwork, drapery, cushions/throws, and paint which can easily and affordably be switched out when you decide you want a change.


Nothing says sophistication better than a monochromatic colour scheme! If you are looking for a more polished look, use one colour throughout the space, utilizing diverse textures in various shades of that same colour. The play of colour and texture combined with metal accessories dispersed throughout a space can create a sensation of calm.


Many people have difficulty when it comes purchasing decisions on furniture. It is usually a costly and important purchase and one you will have to live with for a long time. People often will buy furniture that is either too large or too bulky for the room. That leaves the space feeling crowded. Fenwick & Company designers look at the space as a whole and evaluate the concept to the style of furniture and what will fit properly. We often suggest, that if you have a tighter space, gear the furniture in scale to the room. If you need furniture on the larger side, go with furniture that has tight fitted arms and back cushions. Add glass tables, chairs that have open backs, and lighter coloured upholstery.

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The final word on designing like Fenwick & Company designers is to make sure every item that goes into your home is something you love, something that holds meaning for you, is functional and fits your lifestyle. Fenwick & Company interior designers will concern themselves with that concept throughout your project. It should be the filter you use for selecting anything for your home.

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