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by Lynn Fenwick B.I.D.

I received a call from LeRae. LeRae and her husband Scott, own a heritage property near Oak Bluff. They were self-employed and looking for excitement and a challenge in their spare time.

They decided they were going to renovate this modest abode into a much larger contemporary home that would take advantage of the beautiful acreage on which it was located. When I say renovate, I really mean transformation, because the old homestead would look nothing like its former self.

Lerae and Scott wanted to blur the separation between the interior and outdoors, incorporating the view of the pond and treeline with expansive windows and access to the outside from every room.

Because it was in the country it was important to have a home that was built to live in, easy to keep clean, lots of storage, and a kitchen that was both highly functional, and looked like it belonged in a magazine. Lerae insisted that heated tile floors in the bathrooms was a must have, not a wish.

Home Upgrade Renovation

All of this and they were going to do the work mostly themselves and break it into two phases, to allow them to live in the home during the renovation.

Our first meeting was an exciting one. We were deep into the exterior elevation details, materials and interior layout. By the time we were concluding the meeting, I had given them some items to think about and a host of new ideas for Scott to work on. Scott had a homework list half a page long!

Other meetings were held on a “help we are stuck” basis. I guided them through the pros and cons of the options they were faced with and they were able to make informed decisions.

They started phase 1 construction in January 2015 and phase 2 in January 2016. This summer, the home was completed including landscaping.

Home Upgrade Renovation

It was a long journey, but the home is all anyone could ask for: a grand foyer, ample storage, a huge great room that allows the vista to spill into the home, a gourmet kitchen with walk-in pantry and bar. The second floor master suite has a walk-in closet and a lounge area. Off the lounge area is a deck that overlooks the property.

Lerae and Scott are elated with the outcome. If you didn’t know the story, you would never guess that this house was once an ugly duckling ...

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