The Fenwick team has been tested and proven on thousands of commercial and residential projects creating spaces for thousands of Manitoban's like you. Modern, contemporary, traditional or transitional, we've designed interior spaces that are elegant, casual, sleek, energetic, relaxed, fresh, dynamic, cozy. You name it, we've done it! Take a peek at our Residential Gallery and our Commercial Gallery where you'll find spaces in pretty much every design style imaginable.

We're a bit like a team of chameleons. We consider the space, your objectives, your design style and your lifestyle and then using our finely tuned design talents, we transform your home or commercial space to embody your character, hold your treasures and fulfill your dreams.

Your interior design project may include removing walls, adding windows, reconfiguring the space or putting in a complete addition. Our team has the structural design expertise to tackle the simplest to the most complicated design build projects staying current with code requirement and finishing technologies to give you the best and most meaningful design solution.

About Fenwick Design


You'll get the WOW factor and superior functionality in your newly designed space because we're committed to delivering meaningful interior design solutions that work for you AND look amazing!

The Fenwick team of Winnipeg Interior designers will engage you in the process creating a superior working relationship that is completely transparent from start-to-finish. Our role is to find out what inspires you and what your lifestyle demands. Only after we have a complete understanding of your style and needs will we put pen to paper and begin the creative process to design the perfect space for you.


Lynn Portrait

Lynn Fenwick, Bachelor of Interior Design
Owner, Fenwick & Company Interior Design

Lynn Fenwick was born in Regina, Saskatchewan and raised in Winnipeg. As a young woman, Lynn worked for a year at a retail furniture store and this is where she discovered her love for design.

She wasn't long researching her career opportunities and then enrolling herself in the Faculty of Interior Design at the University of Manitoba where she graduated with a Bachelor's Degree. After graduation Lynn worked as an in-house designer for a commercial office furniture retailer. She then ventured into the home design world when she worked for Steek's Fine Furniture for 10 years.

Lynn takes the lead on most of the projects the company works on, but manages to find time to Choreograph high school productions for 17 years and four productions for the Mennonite German Opera Company.

Lynn is also a contributing writer for Renovations Magazine, Home décor and renovation, which publishes five times per year and has been featured in design publications in Canada. Fenwick is also a member of the Manitoba Home Builders Association and the Manitoba Restaurant and Food Services Association. She continues to pursue education in design and management training and recently completed a course to certify her in, Aging in Place (CAPS).

Giving back to the community is important and in addition to choreographer and writer, Lynn has also donated her time to her community to raise money for a new community club and donated her design skills for the Whyte Ridge Community Centre.

The high energy team working with Lynn Fenwick are:

Alexandria Veldkamp, Interior Designer, B.Env.D

Alexandria (Alex) Veldkamp graduated from the University of Manitoba in 2013 with a Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Design with a background in Interior Design. She joined Fenwick in August 2014 after working briefly at an architect firm in Winnipeg and although new to the industry, she has brings with her a passion to create beautiful and functional spaces for clients who only had visions about what was possible. In her spare time, Veldkamp practices photography and graphic design and loves to experiment with cooking. She also enjoys traveling and learning about different design, culture, and cuisine from around the world.

Robert Laferriere, Office Manager

Mavis Morrissette, B.I.D

B.I.D is the designation of a Bachelor of Interior Design. To obtain this degree, all our interior designers studied in the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Manitoba for 4 or 5 years, attaining strong capabilities in structural interior design including space planning, detailing and concept development.

Some More About Us:

  • We love interior design and our jobs.
  • We have fun in everything we do, because we love interior design.
  • We design with foresight and meticulous attention to detail.
  • We are in constant pursuit of excellence. We truly care about creating design excellence for our clients. It shows through in everything we do.
  • We encourages creativity and continual growth in the firm, focus on quality of design.
  • We are versatile because our skill set is wide and varied.
  • We have the experience to handle large commercial projects and small scale interior renovations.
  • We are meticulous about learning the budget and schedule. It will create the baseline throughout the project process.
  • We exercise active listening - at the end of the day, we are there to improve people's lives, not to create a monument to ourselves through the replication of our own personal space.
  • We strive to better serve our clients with personal attention to details.
  • We understand the commitment it takes from a client to allow us into their personal space. That trust is not taken for granted.
  • We want to ensure a relaxed and enjoyable experience for our clients. We want you to be excited!
  • We stress that the design process is about mutual learning. The designer learns from the client all the necessary information to create the ideal space. The designer educates the client on the process behind the decisions. The most important element in the design process is to communicate well with each other.
  • We encourage clients to speak up. We will learn your individual style from what you tell us. We will not be insulted if you feel uncomfortable with a suggestion the designer has made. Constructive feedback is absolutely necessary.
  • We are very approachable!
  • We understand construction can be very stressful and invasive. We support you and try to prepare you with some of the realities that you will face during the process. You are not alone! This is normal!

    We work with highly qualified and respected affiliates who help transform visions into reality – People we learn from, partner with, work for, and collaborate with. Check out some of our affiliates.

    Associations we have worked with:

    Canadian Home Builders' Association
    Winnipeg Executives Association
    Professional Interior Designers Institute of Manitoba


    Publications we have been featured in:

    Home Decor and Renovations
    Style Manitoba
    Winnipeg Women
    Canadian Builders Quarterly
    Winnipeg Free Press Homes
    Women Business Owners Today


    Builders we have worked with:

    A and S Homes
    Sakiyama Construction
    Park Hill Homes
    Trikor Builders
    Tractus Projects
    Ernt Hansch
    Huntington Homes
    Maric Homes
    Southwynn Homes
    Harris Builders
    Fine Line Builders
    PCL Construction

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